Artist’s Statement

My work explores our current, collective, and ongoing  relationship with the natural world. More specifically, I take up the potent effect(s) this relationship has on human-to-human connections. Toward this end, my practice involves the illumination of naturally existing phenomena such as a quartz inclusion in a granite boulder, poppies in a minefield, or an ant trapped in water mold, considering them to be visual metaphors for the human condition. I combine a variety of printmaking methods and often work in collaboration with writers and other artists to flesh out the fullest potential of these discoveries and to create unified works where text and image exist in dialogue.

As an art educator, I am  dedicated to helping people of all ages find their unique voice and imagine possibilities for their artistic interventions. My concern for the natural world causes my active engagement with questions over the influence of place. As such, my pedagogy invites students to  explore how art expands our understanding of a particular place, helping them to see, appreciate, and experience the fullness of our  built and natural worlds.

I am based in Spokane, WA, where I teach visual art and serve on the Spokane Arts Commission.   Watch this website for information on current projects and openings.

Contact me here.