Shangmuju to Tsemi Pass to Konka Monastery

Last week, we made a trip we’ve been dreaming of making since we received our Peace Corps invitation letter to serve in China. As soon as we knew we were headed to China, we started searching the backpacker sites for Western China and discovered what looked to be a good intro hike in Kham, the Tibetan region of China’s western Sichuan province. More specifically, we found this listing on about the Shangmuju Village to Tsemi Pass to Konka Monastery trek. Many thanks to the author of that post, but after making the trip last week, we realized the interwebs are in dire need of an update about this fare trek. This post is our effort to do just that.

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Up a creek…on Earth Day

In an effort to do my very small part in creating a greener, cleaner world, I spent all my class time this week on Environmentalism.  First, my Oral English classes discussed the connections between media, advertising, and over-consumption.  We tried to reveal the problems created with media telling everyone to BUY-BUY-BUY – EAT-EAT-EAT – CONSUME-CONSUME-CONSUME.

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Where learning happens…

When a person’s view of the world is challenged, they must reconsider their position and either stay with their former beliefs or adopt an adjusted view of the world. It is in the paradigm stretching and realignment that learning can happen. This is where teachers can begin their real work of providing informed, engaging, and thoughtful opportunities for students to shatter their existing notions and enter into creative exploration of new ideas and concepts.

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Light at the End of the Tunnel

[10,000 Peaks – Karst Limestone Forest – Xingyi, Guizhou]

We’re back up and running here at the blog after a bit of a delay. Today, the irises are blooming and the birds are chirping with a light mist in the air.  With another holiday, Tomb Sweeping Day, on the horizon we hurriedly re-schedule classes, pack our backpacks, and load the bus to Xingyi.  This time we know what to expect, we know the rest stops and where to get fantastic dumplings, but a lot has happened since we first made this trip two weeks ago.

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