Light at the End of the Tunnel

[10,000 Peaks – Karst Limestone Forest – Xingyi, Guizhou]

We’re back up and running here at the blog after a bit of a delay. Today, the irises are blooming and the birds are chirping with a light mist in the air.  With another holiday, Tomb Sweeping Day, on the horizon we hurriedly re-schedule classes, pack our backpacks, and load the bus to Xingyi.  This time we know what to expect, we know the rest stops and where to get fantastic dumplings, but a lot has happened since we first made this trip two weeks ago.

[Fei Long Dong Cave – our campsite!]

Our home was robbed just over a week ago. Our door was ripped open with a crow bar and a hammer, and our computers, cameras, and my passport were stolen.  Adding insult to injury, they took Charlie’s favorite old orange backpack that he takes [or took] everywhere and my backpacking clothes sack that my mom made for me.  Argh!

[Fei Long Dong Village]

Never fear. We were lucky, we purchased insurance before we came. (Note to Peace Corps – China 17s: BUY THE PROPERTY INSURANCE.) The reality of crimes like this is that it isn’t about the monetary loss. Really, it’s the violation of trust and safety.  It also resulted in a loss of a week as we sorted through all the mess. But, as they say, we shall overcome.

[Our Group: Christian, Charlie, Becky, & Beka]

The good in all this outweighs the bad, but some days I still fear turning the corner of our landing to see our new door battered in. The police reassured us that the thieves will be caught.  As these things go, we have little hope in that actually happening. Our campus police do feel some pressure in that this semester at least two burglaries have happened each week on our campus.  On the afternoon of our incident, two other apartments were robbed.

[The end of the trail…waiting for the bus!]

The good in all this is that we are living a more paired down, simplified existence.  We have made new friends with some of our Chinese colleagues that helped us through the endless paperwork, hours of waiting, and headaches of a new visa.

[Fei Long Dong Village Life]

Now, we are on our way to Xingyi again.  This time we are joining many of the Peace Corps Guizhou teachers for a holiday camping trip.  Two weeks ago, we went as scouts-exploring the 10,000 Peaks area, finding a trail through the dense, wild Karst landscape.  We stumbled into tiny villages and camped inside a 1km long cave.  It was a wild time, and we are looking forward to another great adventure in the mountains of Guizhou!

[Emerging from the Fei Long Dong back into the sunlight]

4 thoughts on “Light at the End of the Tunnel”

  1. I’m so glad you’re up and running again. I pray you have a great, relaxing time on your adventure and come home to your apt as you left it! we love you, mom

  2. 10,000 Peaks is gorgeous! We hope you have a great trip with your friends, your computer, your camera…all with which I’m sure you are hiking! I guess it was time to pass that old orange pack on, Charlie. I remember one you kept until the layers of duct tape was all that held it together. The Lord will protect you and yours from all Evil, and stuff can be replaced. That’s all that counts – YOU TWO. We love you!

  3. Well, it seems the moms have spoken! Glad to hear from you again. Have a wonderful restful trip. Love you both & I will add (since no one else wants to) I will be glad when you are home! I am ready to see and talk face to face! It is going to be a long 16 months…but I hope you enjoy every minute of your adventure! Love you

  4. I’m surely sorry to here about your break-in. The very nerve of them stealing your stuff, especially your well-broken in and comfortable stuff. But glad you are both fine, and unstoppable . Hope you have a great trip up inato the mountains. I love your journal. AND YOU!

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